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Black Sea Community Sustainability Center


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Learning about sustainability can start at any age.

Your donation will help build a new  Black Sea Community Sustainability Centre in Ukraine.

All contributors who donate $200 or more will receive a progress update with photos and a framed certificate of thanks from from us.

Where does your generous gift go?

  • A new regional young adult and children's learning center

  • 12 computer stations

  • Meeting space and training room with modern presentation equipment

  • A public information center for approaches to sustainable living.

We need $25,000 to do all this.  Can we count on you?

Building a Sustainable Travel Foundation


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Destinations, more than ever, need help to develop sustainable practices.  


For small rural communities it can be financially out of reach.

Your donation is placed in a dedicated fund to support sustainable tourism training and micro-grants. 


Donations of at least $500 will be shown as a supporting sponsor on all training materials.  We will provide:


  • Ongoing introductory, practical training programs for all stakeholders in a community

  • Workshops so groups will return home to implement practical steps to reach concrete goals

  • Community micro grants for ecological and cultural programs

Our threshold is $15,000 per year.

Will you help?

Rural Arts, Crafts and Music Events

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Rural villages in Ukraine, Turkey and Georgia, have a rich cultural history  that is under severe stress. 


We work with partners to preserve the traditional crafts, art and music.

Donations of $250 or more can select a gift from Nukriani Workshops


Help us preserve ancient cultures!

  • Cross-cultural festivals to break down barriers and increase understanding

  •  Creation of new, cultural travel destinations in off the beaten path villages. 

  •  Find and promote undiscovered artists and musicians.

  • Create new  opportunities like Nukriani Workshops here

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