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This is our donation page where we promote something critical where your donation can make a significant impact in the lives of those who have lost their jobs due to natural disasters, COVID, conflict or simply economic changes.

COVID, corruption and incompetence have devastated communities in Sri Lanka as the economy collapses. Now food supplies are scarce. 

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The New Mushroom Farmers of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is in a state of collapse. Children are not getting adequate food and jobs have simply vapourised.


An open plea for help from a parish priest at St. Judes Shrine in the hill country of Sri Lanka has been received by our partner, whom we have provided some support from limited funds.

The letter said, in part,


Greetings and prayers from St. Jude’s Shrine Passara in the Diocese of Badulla. Requesting an educational aid and food for the children at Passara. Passara is a small town in Uva Province...It is a hill country and a mostly neglected place by the government...Because of this present pandemic, people are jobless and the higher cost of living makes them difficult in their daily living. The education is very low because of the poverty and deprivation of proper opportunities, facilities etc. some children are found fainting when they come for Sunday classes and mass and schools because they don’t eat in the morning. And they don’t get good, nutritious food at home. In the church on Sundays, we try to feed them.'

So, we are raising funds to help the children of one village get adequate, nutritional meals through the church, at least.  Please donate to this cause today.

Donate in Euro, USD or GBP


The village of Passara, Sri Lanka thank you for your generous help.

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