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Black Sea Community Sustainability Center


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Learning about sustainability can start at any age.

Contribute to our first planned Black Sea Community Sustainability Centre in Ukraine.

Our target is $25,000 and your contribution can help us buy the computers, establish a modern space for community meetings and a learning center for children.

The BSCS Centre will provide an entire region with access to sustainable development information and act as a learning centre, with a particular target of children, young adults and women.

Building a Sustainable Travel Foundation


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Developing a destination to attract travelers is hard and making sure practices are sustainable is harder. For many small communities with great ideas it is also financially out of their reach.

You can help. 


Your donation will go towards an ongoing introductory, practical training program for all stakeholders in a community. During 3 days of small, community based workshops, each group will return home to implement practical steps to reach concrete - not theoretical - goals.

Our target is $5,000 which covers the costs of 15 participants, materials and two facilitators. When we reach our goal we will schedule the training and send all contributors a photo album of the workshops and the results. 

Rural Art and Music Events


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Rural Turkey, with its rich history and culture is under pressure and slowly  vanishing. 


The Black Sea coast is a unique region with a wide array of different local cultures separated by forested mountains, deep valleys and fast moving rivers.


We work with our partners to preserve the traditional crafts, art and music and you can help.

Our goal is to establish a special fund to support a series of small cultural festivals in the spring of 2019 that will showcase destinations in off the beaten path villages.   

We will select three villages between Bartin and Trabzon to host the festivals.  Only local residents will be used to develop and work on the events and we will target youth, women and undiscovered artists and musicians.  

If you would like to learn more please contact us.

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