Every few months we promote something special where your donation can make a significant impact in the lives of those who have lost their jobs due to natural disasters, COVID, conflict or simply economic changes. These are people who are working hard to change their circumstances through entrepreneurial efforts and which benefit their community and not just themselves.

You can help us support families in Sri Lanka whose work in the tourism sector simply vanished overnight. This is their story and your donation can make a difference.

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The New Mushroom Farmers of Sri Lanka

COVID has disrupted the whole economic, social, and environmental ecosystem of the island, and has deeply impacted livelihoods in rural areas, particularly those directly or indirectly reliant on the travel & tourism industry.


Serene Vacations, a tourism agency in Sri Lanka, has decided to work as a team to support the most affected in the rural tourism sector. To mitigate the worst economic effects of COVID and create new opportunities that could carry on long after the crisis, their team helps create new rural entrepreneurs through projects that would generate sustainable income and create new jobs for rural families.  Each mushroom farm costs about 2000 Euro, creating 10 to 20 jobs while offering approximately 100 - 200 households good quality mushrooms in the village.

Recently, this has expanded to include watermelon cultivation.  Your gift will empower these communities and reduce poverty.

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The people of Sri Lanka thank you for your generous help.