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Project Implementation

Implementing projects is where we perform  proof-of-concept and then role out the results. 


Following indicators established by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, community based implementation to create sustainable approaches to development are implemented with a flexible action plan which has been agreed to by all stakeholders. Implementation is also guided by a community developed, long-term strategic plan which can be adjusted as required to reflect situational changes. To measure performance, implementation activities and results are measured against concrete indicators within a monitoring & evaluation system.

SRDI believes project implementation must be flexible and not subject to programming tunnel- vision.  Therefore, we also recognize the need to implement over a  longer term and to create self-financing mechanisms to achieve financial sustainability. 

EU Turkey Civil Society Dialogue with BSST
Azdavay Turkey Implementation Design

Flexible Approaches

At SRDI we understand that successful project execution requires a sensitivity to situational changes that necessitate rapid adjustments.  As part of the planning process, we work with community partners to identify all possible risks and develop alternative actions to mitigate adverse impacts. We also understand that a robust monitoring & evaluation system that is not just a data collection device needs to be integrated into the implementation process to identify impacts and adjust activities accordingly. This approach builds flexibility into the implementation and allows the stakeholders to assess the impact on a community as a whole.

Strategic Planning WWF Turkey

Implementation Risks

New or changed circumstances can disrupt the implementation of a plan that has not been prepared to adjust.  SRDI helps community stakeholders understand and provide for situational changes so that changes can be swiftly incorporated into the project activities. With proper planning, a comprehensive risk assessment, monitoring and evaluation of progress that is not simply a data collection device, changes that impede, increase risk or are truly unanticipated can be handled by the stakeholders without modifying the focus of the project or its goals and impact.

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