Capacity Building

SRDI approaches capacity building in a series of steps that address local capacities on three, interlinked dimensions: individuals, organizations and the enabling environment. After an assessment of the overall capacity of a community, SRDI designs an implementation plan that enhances the knowledge and skills of individuals and whose work results can greatly improve the performance of the organisations in which they work. Organisational effectiveness is influenced by the enabling environment and that environment is affected by organisations and the relationships between them.


SRDI’s approach is holistic and as in our strategic planning work, we take a participatory approach involving all community stakeholders.   


Community Engagement & Training

SRDI believes that a non-biased assessment of a community's capacity to successfully fulfil their goals is essential to motivate stakeholders and manage expectations.  Community engagement and training plays a vital role in ensuring long-term success. The relationships we develop with community members, organizations, and stakeholders allows us to understand the needs of local communities and develop solutions with those needs at the forefront. Working with other non-government organizations, social ventures, community groups, and more, we promote active participation through workshops and informative community meetings. We make it our goal to leave projects in the hands of educated and committed local community stewards.


Building Capacity, Monitoring & Evaluation

SRDI can design training  plans that target a core set of identified capacity needs.  In the case of sustainable tourism planning and implementation in a community, we recognize the need for guidance on the establishment of a community organisation charged with developing community assets and creating a travel destination that preserves its ecological and cultural heritage.  Community organisations require an understanding of roles and responsibilities, how to communicate with travelers and how to assure that the entire community benefits economically.  In parallel, we assist with the design of comprehensive monitoring and evaluation plans so that the community has a tool to measure success and identify issues that are impeding their progress.