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Advisory Services

We help create new opportunities and promote entrepreneurship and outside-of-the-box thinking.

Rural areas are relatively isolated.  This is one of the most important problems to resolve.  It is not just physical isolation, but also social, economic and psychological leading to out-migration by youth and talent. Part of our approach is to improve connectivity and create opportunities that mitigate out-migration.

With EU civil society funding in Turkey, we conducted sustainable tourism training to support local economic development goals and guided communities to complete long-term strategic planning. Using SRDI funds, our team has conducted similar initiatives in Georgia and Ukraine.

Round Table Land Rights Tajikistan
BSST Meeting with Kostamonu Business Development Group

Participatory Consulting

SRDI prides itself on participatory, integrated, bespoke consulting services. We assess needs and aims before beginning any work and will only take on projects where we can give the client more than they expect. Before any contract is signed, SRDI will  perform a complete due diligence on the proposed work, assess its feasibility and the necessary skill set required, often consulting with local partners before presenting a full proposal for client review.  We communicate on a regular basis with the client and use an agile management system to maintain consistency and control.

Biosphere Kherson Black Sea.JPG

On-site Analysis

SRDI believes that field work is a necessary component to any advisory undertaking and which, depending on the goal, also requires collection and understanding the concerns of those who may be affected by any development implementation.  We put people in the field to gain a full understanding of both perceived and actual needs to manage expectations and achieve results.  In the BSST Program, the SRDI team developed comprehensive feasibility studies that included original source material that did not always reflect standard academic conclusions regarding the needs and impacts on the local communities. We provide assessment that are based on evidence, not necessarily the conventional knowledge.

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