Fall in Love with our Georgia Black Sea Communities

Fall in Love with Alaverdi

The Alazani River valley is the origin of wine, 8000 years ago. Alaverdi is the home of Alaverdi Monastery founded in the 6th century when the area was a centre dedicated to the worship of the moon. Come and visit this sanctuary in the heart of Georgian wine country.

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Fall in Love with Nukriani

Nukriani lies at a point overlooking the entire wine-growing region of Kakheti Province.  It overlooks Signaghi - an ancient fortress city with long walls and a restored city center.  Nukriani is home to Nukriani Workshops, organized by the women of the village to supplement their income and preserve traditional crafts and knowledge. Trekking in the hills above the vineyards and staying in traditional homes with well known Georgian hospitality showcase their commitment to sustainable development.

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Fall in Love with Kazbegi

Welcome to Stepantsminda - the official name of Kazbegi village. You’ll arrive via the Georgian Military Highway It is one of two crossings of Caucasus mountain range and connected trade from ancient Persia. The morning view of Mt. Kazbek is unforgettable. The mountain, where Georgian legend says Prometheus was chained for giving fire to mortals, is not the only site. These are some of the highest mountains in Europe. The surrounding valleys and hills lead to waterfalls and monasteries while local crafts are widely practiced together with a unique cuisine.

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