Fall in Love with our Black Sea Communities

Fall in Love with Azdavay-Pinarbaşi Turkey

Come to your gateway to the Küre Mountains National Forest.  This rarely visited area is a protected habitat for rare and endangered species of plants and animals.  Stay in a traditional Turkish Konak and fall in love with their amazing local culture and hospitality.

This is not the Turkey you know. 

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Fall in Love with Nukriani, Georgia

Nukriani lies at a point overlooking the entire wine growing region of Kakheti Province.  It overlooks Signaghi - an ancient fortress city with long walls and a restored city center.  Nukriani is home to Nukriani Workshops, organized by the women of the village to supplement their income and preserve traditional crafts and knowledge. Trekking in the hills above the vineyards and staying in traditional homes with well known Georgian hospitality showcases their commitment to sustainable development.

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Fall in Love with Hola Prystan, Ukraine

Come to the end of the Amber Road, where Vikings entered the Black Sea to trade with Constantinople and beyond.  This is the village the father of the American navy, John Paul Jones, called home while in the service of Empress Catherine the Great of Russia in the wars against the Ottoman Empire.This is the home of the Zaporozhian Cossacks who controlled wide areas of the lower Dnipro and Crimea and were only subdued by Catherine the Great.  

Stay in Chaika and go boating in the estuaries of the great Dnipro just before it empties into the Black Sea.

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