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The Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program

Start with Georgia

SRDI and its partner Bridge Innovation and Development  bring you in-depth experiences among the people and culture of one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

BSST includes three Black Sea Communities. Nukriani is a tiny village with its own vineyard perched high above the fortress town of Sighnagi overlooking the Alazani River valley.  Then there is Kazbegi in the high Caucasus where legend says Prometheus was chained after bring fire to mortals. Finally, Alaverdi, located in the center of Georgian wine country and whose monastery was founded in the 6th century.


We continue to support and work with our friends in Ukraine. We will return. 

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About the program

SRDI established the BSST Program to improve livelihoods in rural areas around the Black Sea through sustainable tourism. Using destination criteria established by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, we work with a community organisation to assure the community as a whole benefits.

Its structure is based on the community represented by an existing or planned organisation with defined roles and responsibilities. SRDI approaches potential community partners and assesses their readiness to participate. Partner communities can recommend accommodations and businesses to take part and SRDI provides free showcase listings on its BSST travel site where travellers can book accommodations, learn about the community and select activities.

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Why is it different?

As a social enterprise, SRDI prioritizes doing good. Profits are recycled into our activities and fund training for our partner communities. We guide each community in creating their own sustainable tourism program that gives everyone a voice, protects their environment, preserves culture and improves livelihoods for all.


Financially, at least 80% of what a traveller spends stays in the community.  In addition, we allocate 5% of our administration fee to our Black Sea Community Fund for the benefit of the community. We charge a minimal 3% commission to accommodations - far below other commercial travel agencies. As a responsible traveller, you have a direct, positive impact.



Community Based

We seek out and partner with rural communities that want to improve local livelihoods, celebrate cultural traditions, preserve their ecological heritage and share it all with travelers.

You visit and experience the community as a whole. Our communities are committed to protecting and preserving their ecological and cultural heritage. Community members work together so that the entire community benefits from sustainable travel and gives you a unique experience.



Un-crowded, Unique Experiences

Visit off-the-tourist track towns and villages to immerse yourself in daily lives. Want to learn how to make churchkela or trek the high Caucasus in Georgia?


Each community has designed a unique "Get to Know our Community" tour. As part of every two-night stay, we have helped the community to develop a full-day tour for you.


Each community will introduce their culture, environment and daily life through visits to artisans for local crafts, trekking through their protected environment and visiting small businesses that represent typical village life.

Fall in Love with our Georgia and Turkey Black Sea Communities

Plan and Book your adventure at


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Fall in Love with Mudurnu

Nestled in a narrow, deep river valley with rich pine forests and thermal springs, this is where time has stopped. The houses are the finest examples of traditional Ottoman architecture and the town's craftsmen preserve the traditions of their 700-year-old Akhism guild. It is part of the international 'Slow City' (CittaSlow) movement and a historic trade centre dating back thousands of years. Home to the Phrygians, Lydians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans, its name comes from the Byzantine Princess Modrene, who lived in the castle whose ruins can be seen. Mudurnu awaits you to discover its well-kept secrets.

The Alazani River valley is the origin of wine, 8000 years ago. Alaverdi is the home of Alaverdi Monastery founded in the 6th century when the area was a centre dedicated to the worship of the moon. Come and visit this sanctuary in the heart of Georgian wine country.



Fall in Love with Alaverdi

The Alazani River valley is the origin of wine, 8000 years ago. Alaverdi is the home of Alaverdi Monastery founded in the 6th century when the area was a centre dedicated to the worship of the moon. Come and visit this sanctuary in the heart of Georgian wine country.



Fall in Love with Kazbegi

Welcome to Stepantsminda - the official name of Kazbegi village. You’ll arrive via the Georgian Military Highway It is one of two crossings of the Caucasus mountain range and connected trade from ancient Persia. The morning view of Mt. Kazbek is unforgettable. The mountain, where Georgian legend says Prometheus was chained for giving fire to mortals, is not the only site. These are some of the highest mountains in Europe. The surrounding valleys and hills lead to waterfalls and monasteries while local crafts are widely practised together with unique cuisine.

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