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Help Rural Communities Thrive


Support and Rebuild Ukraine

SRDI is dedicated to helping people.  But now, Ukraine is on the front line, defending democracy. Thousands have seen their homes and livelihoods destroyed and millions have been forced to flee the country while others, including children, have been put in camps and shipped to Russia.

Ukraine has been invaded by a despotic, autocratic Russia led by Vladimir Putin.  He did not invade Ukraine because it was a military threat. He invaded because it was a growing, pro-Europe democratic threat to his corrupt, imperialistic regime.

We are certainly not the only organisation raising funds to help Ukraine but we guarantee that your funds will go to those most in need.

You can choose where your donation goes - even our targeted development to re-introduce oysters in the area between Odesa and Mykolaiv to visibly prevent shore erosion, create new jobs and improve livelihoods.

Select where your donation should go by using the drop-down menu on the form. The minimum donation is the equivalent of 10 GBP (you can choose GBP, Euro and USD).  There are two reasons - first, it eliminates spam and those trying to disrupt our fight.  Stripe will block anything less. Second, this is what it takes to build up an amount quickly that will make a difference on the ground. Recurring donations are welcome!

Finally, all funds except for our own administration and bank fees (14%) will go to Ukraine.


Please make a generous donation now! 

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At SRDI we are committed to protecting your privacy. We will not sell or share your data with others. The data you submit via this form will only be used for the purposes of processing and verifying your donation, unless you opt-in for further communications. Any data we retain will be held securely.

Is my gift tax deductible?  No, we are a non-profit social enterprise and not a charity.

Can I use different currencies? Choose your currency in GBP, USD, CAD or Euro.
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