Help Rural Communities Thrive

Give communities the tools to eliminate poverty

At SRDI, we live to solve livelihood problems.  Over 75% of the world's poverty is centred in rural areas and our focus is to find ways for these communities to improve their conditions while preserving their cultures and environment.  This past year we  have continued to support the advance of sustainable tourism approaches - because the old mass tourism not only is destructive to the planet but does not benefit local communities.

Each month we select a community for special donations on their own page.  This month we are supporting the effort to help those displaced from their jobs in tourism in Sri Lanka to develop sustainable businesses to support their families.

​Your donation helps entrepreneurs build what the world needs next.

A Traditional Home Stay in Ukraine
The amount of every donation that is directly used to benefit our communities.
Your generous support will help fund programs that:

  •  Protect the environment
  • ​ Preserve local culture
  •  Combat climate change
  •  Provide new skills training
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