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Did You Know?

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

A Country Lunch in Central Asia

Did you know that world-wide poverty in rural areas is over 75%?

And that rural areas account for 58% of the planet?

People in rural communities suffer the effects of climate change, water shortages, dropping incomes and environmental degradation more severely than others. Young people abandon rural areas because of lack of work. Governments often promote migration to urban areas. Farms and villages die.

There is no shortage of narratives about - or prescriptions on - rural development.

All the narratives involve policy choices: state or market; growth or stability; agriculture or non-agriculture; high or low potential areas; expenditure on investment or consumption.

Our approach reduces rural poverty. We help communities organize for a collective effort to create new opportunities for women, youth, the elderly and creative entrepreneurs.

We help communities by funding training, promoting understanding and cooperation through cross-border exchanges, building community centers where children and adults can learn about sustainability in everyday lives.

We are different too in how we allocate our funds. Unlike other non-profits, we are deeply involved with our family of communities on a daily basis and take 83% of each dollar, euro or pound and spend it to support the community directly.

You can make a big difference supporting those who are supporting themselves and lifting their entire community out of poverty.

Join our effort to eliminate poverty and provide new opportunities.

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