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Climate and Nature Positive Travel & Tourism

Photo Credit:Tim Mossholder - unsplash

Awareness of the linkages between our travel habits and impacts on destinations is more important than ever in order to mitigate the effects of climate change. Whether we like it or not, our travel habits need to change.

This article by the World Travel & Tourism Council states the case best and you are urged to read it all. But the point is this: " Nature loss is largely due to the unsustainable ways in which our global society and economy exploits natural resources. We see this is the direct conversion of natural ecosystems on land and at sea, overconsumption of resources such as water and fertile soils, and the emissions of pollutants and wastes. While these pressures are largely due to various human activities, Travel & Tourism does contribute to them. If we also factor in climate change, which not only threatens our amenities and infrastructure with droughts, heatwaves, wildfires and extreme weather events, it also amplifies, and is amplified by, the loss of natural ecosystems."

You can read the paper here.

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