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On your mark, get set....

Yes - it has been a very long time since the opening post - but we've been busy. Since we are not "live" yet (but will be soon) our vision and activities have been carried forward by our Trustee, Vesselka Consulting Ltd. which will continue to manage all our activities and keep our costs low. As a matter of fact, you can see in our "News" page what they have been putting together for us.

But now we are almost ready to launch, timing it with the official web-portal debut of the Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program. We'll soon have a new logo and Vesselka is working to make sure that all our partners are in sync with us. We've even been shortlisted on a major grant that will support rural development in Turkey with expertise from Ukraine and Georgia through ecotourism.

We believe more than ever that our hybrid business model will let us be financially independent and allow us to set up more social enterprise ventures, rolling them out on a regional basis world-wide.

In the meantime, watch a video of our annual meeting, sponsored by Danone - Ukraine...

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