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Our approach to programming is long-term and open-ended.  We believe in sustainability, economically and financially.  Our hybrid model lets us create social enterprise ventures that concentrate on results and concrete progress.

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The BSST Program focuses on the Black Sea basin because it represents a vast web of interconnected multicultural experiences, ecological diversity and history spanning thousands of years. What makes the Black Sea cultures distinctive and attractive to travelers is the way their component parts came together over the millennia to shape unique communities, languages, religions and trade. It is the perfect environment for all forms of sustainable, responsible travel.


A regional program is important to the concept of sustainability as has been recognized by initiatives like the Blue Flag program for the Mediterranean or The Silk Road Project.


The BSST Program takes the regionalism concept a step further.  It does not concentrate on one goal, such as clean water or music and the arts. It links all forms local economic development to responsible tourism in a trans-national, integrated environment.


Uniquely, the Black Sea program aims to establish a unified system of a community net-work of sustainable tourism products under a permanent visual banner. 

Watch for volunteer opportunities and the BSST web-portal.

Community Volunteer Development

This program will emphasize a system that will allow qualified volunteers to work with communities to improve livelihoods, protect the environment and preserve local culture. Volunteers will have the opportunity to support communities to effect concrete, sustainable and positive change.


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