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Changing the Narrative

So, what have you committed to fight against in 2020?

Who have you committed to fight against in 2020?

Perhaps we should change the terms of the game. Rather than fighting against something or someone, we need to take an approach that understands the basic viewpoints of those continuing unsustainable practices that are leading to the literal burning of the planet.

If you consider yourself an activist then decide every day what you want to do. Where should you concentrate your attention? What will you actually try to accomplish?

Every day, we all participate in change - to a degree. How you participate is important, but to be a true activist you need to concentrate your attention on how to actuate an idea and participate in the community. The key question is - do you want to do this with a policy of inclusion or exclusion?

Remember. To achieve the UN development goals we all need to be activists. By encouraging participation - and not characterizing people as opposition or allies - you need to find a way to co-develop solutions that, at a minimum, treat people with decency. We need to find ways that will not come from the top because that has demonstrably not worked. We need to work from the grass routes and collaborate to create a livable planet.

So - stop reading this. Stop commenting on the opinions of others. Ask, instead, what now should I do? How can I become part of the change? Then act - because everything you do now has an impact on the future.

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