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Accelerating Activities!

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Since February we have been working hard with our partners in Turkey and Ukraine to get the Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program activities on-line. In Turkey, the team has finished a Protocol to be signed at a general meeting of local governments, the BSST team and community leaders on May 7 in Azdavay. Just before the discussion and signing ceremony, the National Office for the BSST Program will open on May 6 in Pinarbaşi about 20 Km away. We're excited about the opening of the National Office and will be planning the same ceremony in Ukraine during June/July.

The web-portal for BSST is also getting close. We know -- about time. But we want to do this right. Beta testing will begin in June - active and on-line.

Finally, have you noticed our new logo? Up at the top. See? Watch for it everywhere.

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