Partners and Support

SRDI partnerships aim to strengthen the sustainable community movement and UN development goals.

Vesselka Consulting Ltd

Vesselka Consulting is our key investment partner and advisor.  It has provided staff, funds and significant world-wide expertise in business, sustainable development, public and private capacity building advising the private sector and the World Bank, USAID, MCC and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.  Like SRDI, Vesselka brings with it active participation in the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

Dr. Sedat Kalem, Director of Conservation at World Wildlife Fund for Nature (Turkey) has supported SRDI's Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program since 2013 providing advice, implementation support and hosting the Program Secretariat in Istanbul.  WWF-Turkey was founded in 1975 as the Turkish Society for Conservation of Nature and became the national office of the WWF network in 2001. Its mission is to stop the degradation of our planet's natural environment and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

BRIDGE-Innovation and Development, founded in 2015, is a nongovernmental organization driven by its vision of Georgia free of poverty and suffering.  BRIDGE is a spin-off legacy of Oxfam with a commitment to sustaining grassroots connections and partnerships and supporting agriculture and rural development, in order to reduce poverty and stimulate economic growth. It is the BSST National Office and a strategic partner with SRDI.

The Georgian Tourism Association is an organization of private tourism companies, hotels and wine companies founded in 2006 to promote the cooperation between the tourism companies in Georgia, the private and public sector, sustainable tourism development, accessibility of tourism information and country marketing, capacity building and quality management for tourism services. The GTA works on product development in incoming, domestic and outgoing tourism and is a signatory of the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.  It has been awarded "Cluster Management Excellence Label BRONZE - Striving for Cluster Excellence", by  the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis.

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