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We are always looking for qualified volunteers, sponsors and contributions to support our Programs.

A new web-portal for destinations that are part of the Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism is being created for travelers and our communities.  Before the BSST web-portal is released, you can still make your impact on a couple of destinations we have listed on our Destinations page. Get ready to go somewhere different and exciting!


Write to us today to find out how you can get involved! 


Contribute to our work!


Want to direct your donation to a specific effort? Enter the project code in the comment box for your donation form.

We would like to hear your ideas and especially out-of-the-box thinking. We welcome and appreciate contributions and sponsorship of our programs and events.  Our model is sustainability in everything we do and support to accomplish concrete and visible results with the active participation of the people on the ground.


So, Contact us now and ask about contributions and sponsorship opportunities.

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