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Sustainable Development - Our Expertise

Our Experience

We were formed in 2010 and have served clients in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, helping them achieve their capacity building goals through realistic strategic planning and expert implementation.  We have handled assignments from the World Bank, USAID, MCC and the private sector.  Since early 2022 we have become part of Sustainable Rural Development International to integrate and supplement our services with their activities.

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Our Approach

The client’s interests come first.  This means delivering better value than the client expects. We have a profound respect for local cultures and customs without compromising integrity.  We only take an assignment if we feel we can accomplish the client's goals. Our approach to strategic planning and sustainable development is participatory and inclusive in nature and we always remain flexible and adjust to changing environments and circumstances. 


Why Us?

We are experienced - team members have over 30 years of in-depth sustainable development, strategic planning and capacity building with projects in a wide array of environments and subjects.  We do not work in a bubble. We keep you informed and always strive to prevent problems before they happen. Our view is that you, the client, is key to a successful project. That's why we will not take on an assignment that we do not feel we can accomplish.   

Focus Areas

Land Reform

Secure tenure and transparent land administration are key components of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  


Our experts have designed and implemented land administration systems for governments and the private sector.


We have provided technical expertise and capacity building to create electronic title registration systems, re-engineering of government land administration processes, development of secure document storage policies and procedures and delivered training to land administration staff in modern land administration functions. 

Sustainable Development & Tourism

We believe that building sustainable communities requires practical approaches yielding concrete results and not just theoretical training. 

We help to improve economic diversity, encouraging sustainable policies through inclusive strategic planning involving all stakeholders to create new opportunities and improve livelihoods.


Our work in the Black Sea region to develop sustainable tourism recognizes that this sector cuts across the majority of UN Sustainable Development Goals.  


Using Global Sustainable Tourism Council criteria, we help communities organize and focus on activities to preserve local culture, ecology and promote sustainable economic development. 

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Capacity Building

Without capacity building, other sustainable development efforts can suffer or fail.


We provide hands-on training in all our efforts, not just theory.  All of our capacity building is based on the reality on the ground. This means that in land reform we put the people whose job it is to serve the public into their new roles as part of the process of reform.


We up-skill your workforce effectively, affordably and quickly through  proven institutional and  in-the-field training. 

Where we work

East/Southern Africa


In Tanzania, Uganda and Lesotho we have helped streamline land administration services and created new opportunities for government agencies through capacity building to serve their customers. We incorporated gender equality and transparency in all our work.

West Africa

In Ghana we assessed the need for private sector services for rural  land transactions,  helped to develop a conditional title registry to secure tenure in the poorest communities, recommended capacity building and improvements for access to credit and identified solutions to improve operations of the land title registry.


From Ukraine to the Balkans and Turkey our work has ranged from development of a cross-border community based sustainable development through responsible rural tourism program to streamlining land administration and cadastre services and support of strategic planning, civil society dialogue and development.



From Armenia to Georgia we have helped develop new land reform initiatives and established new community initiatives for sustainable tourism development to support UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

Middle East


In Qatar we worked with one of the largest construction and development firms to establish a private registry for their premiere multi-use site.  Our work in Palestine targeted the re-structuring and capacity building of the Palestine Land Authority.



In Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan we provided a key staff as the Director of Legal Affairs to a new university, handling all matters with the respective Presidential administrations regarding this $800 million investment.

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