What is a social enterprise anyway?

A social enterprise is simply any business that is motivated as much by people and the planet as by profit. We operate to normal business standards and aims but SRDI also happens to be a not-for-profit. This non legally binding term is often bandied about without clear definition. For us, it means that any profit is put straight back into the business. As a Company Limited by Guarantee we have no shareholders and are motivated by the financial success of the organisation and the people it has been set up to support, not any individuals associated with it.

Is SRDI a charity? 


No, SRDI is a Company Limited by Guarantee but it is run as a social business - no loss, no dividend.



SRDI is delighted to accept donations from customers and supporters of our empowerment activities. As a social business, SRDI cannot claim gift aid on donations, nor can an individual making a donation receive tax relief. A social business is a business whose overarching goal is a social one.

The donations we receive are channelled into two broad areas:

   1. Expanding development

   2. Supporting members of our social enterprise programs

Why do you have advisory services?

As a social enterprise we are structured as most commercial businesses so that our goal is to fund our work through commercially sustainable activities.  Part of our business involves consulting in areas of our expertise, such as community organization and development, sustainable tourism, leadership training, food handling and safety and other areas.  We do this with our partners and through a team of advisors with extensive world-wide experience for development agencies such as the World Bank, USAID as well as the private sector.  If you have a specific issue that you would like to address, drop us an email or use our contact form and wi will get back to you. 

Got a question you don't see an answer to?

Drop us a line via our contact page and we'll answer it personally and on this page.

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